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Pure Icelandic seafood

Salted cod factory Iceland - Finefish

Responsible fisheries

At Fine Fish our entire focus is on selling quality products. Sourcing from producers fishing within the FAO27, we are part of the Responsible Fishery System in Iceland. The Icelandic quota system is one of the finest globally, where species status is closely monitored to ensure sustainability and prevent overfishing. We source from many Icelandic producers, and work closely with all to ensure responsibility in all aspects of business.

About our process

Fine Fish specialises in salted and lightsalted fish products, mainly cod, but also ling, saithe and tusk.  Fine Fish can also provide a wide range of excellent quality Icelandic seafood products. We take pride in focusing on quality products, running an honest business and resolving all issues quickly and professionally.

iceland atlantic cod line fishing - Finefish
Icelandi atlantic cod line fishing - Finefish

Pure Icelandic seafood

The Icelandic fishing industry focuses on purity and the grounds around Iceland are the best fishing areas in the whole world.

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