Atlantic cod fishing Iceland - Finefish


Fine Fish Ltd. is a seafood export company in Iceland, working closely with Icelandic fish processors.  Established in 2009, the company has grown rapidly and is presently one of the leading exporters of salted fish products from Iceland.  The rapid growth of the company is a testament to its excellent operation. With a total of four employees, customers are benefitted by a slim cost structure.

Specialised in salted and lightsalted fish products, Fine Fish can also provide a wide range of excellent quality Icelandic seafood products. The primary markets for Fine Fish products are Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Canada. The three pillars to our success are we sell quality products, we are honest in our businesse solve all issues professionally and quickly.

Meet the team

The Fine Fish team holds a huge breadth of experience from decades in the globally trading Icelandic seafood industry. Our business is built by dedicated employees, who strive to achieve our objective of offering excellent quality products and service, and at a reasonable price.

Certified fisheries

At Fine fish we work closely with our producers to provide top quality products for our clients. We ensure producers participate in certified fisheries such as MSC, Iceland Responsible fisheries and more.

Our customers

The Fine Fish portfolio consists of customers from all corners of the world. Our largest clients are located in Southern Europe, with Portugal providing our biggest market. We also operate in Italy, Spain, Canada, China and Vietnam. Through our clients, our products are also being forwarded to markets in Africa and South America.